Getting Ready to Sell Your Home

I know that your home is probably the most valuable possession you have. In fact, many of the people who reach out to me for help selling have built up equity in their home over a period of time and need to maximize their return on the investment in order to make their next move or to finance their retirement years. I take this job very seriously and I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to help you sell your property.

My first objective is to help you set a listing price that represents your property’s top market value — an objective that requires a thorough understanding of your home’s specific features, and a clear understanding of the current real estate market. To do this, I will build a detailed market analysis that provides information about similar properties in your area that are currently for sale or recently sold. This Comparative Market Analysis is a detailed report on the state of the market and will be designed to ensure that you make the most informed decision you can when pricing your property. Part of my services to sellers is to assist you in making your home as attractive as possible to prospective buyers so we can find the one buyer that is willing to pay us the most. 

My strategy for getting your property sold for top market value is a simple but effective one: I’ll maximize its market exposure, so we attract as many qualified, motivated buyers as possible. My focus is on creating targeted, effective strategies – not flashy gimmicks that often fail to produce results.  I strive to help my clients’ properties stand out through custom crafted marketing designed to fit the property and current market conditions.  I always begin by asking the basic questions: “What makes your home special?”  “How does it stand out from the competition?”, “What are buyers looking for in today’s market?,” and “Where are the buyers coming from?”  All my efforts will flow from the answers to these questions.  

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